Lighthouse FAQ

These are common questions I get, so I thought I'd collect some of the best ones and post them here.

Q: Is this your first on-line campaign as GM? A: No, this would be my sixth'long-running' campaign on-line. I've also GMed at CyberCon and won a prizes for GMing. (OK, enough – my arm is sore from patting myself on the back :biggrin: )

Q: What kind of role-playing rules do you use? Q: What rule modifications or clarifications to you have? A: We use the 4e rules published by Wizards of the Coast. What few rule modifications or clarifications I will post on the 'rule mods' thread on a game thread (location TBA). You won't find much there because 4e is just that good and has A LOT of available published material and options.

Q: What type of characters can I play? or Q: Can I start with a 11th level (enter class here)? or Q: What are the character biudling guidelines, like starting level, etc. A: See the original announcement for that one – the next post or come to one of the Lighthouse "Meet-N-Greet" sessions on the scheduler on the iTableTop website.

Q: What is the 'setting?' A: Our campaign is set somewhere in the Forgotten Realms universe… that is, at least initially. FR is the backdrop of the storyline.

Q: How much of a character background do I HAVE to have before I can turn in a character? Q: I have 50 pages of background information on my new character, would you like it as a doc or PDF? A: All we need is a nice paragraph or two background for your starting character. The idea is to give some 'feel' but few details. This should in the in the notes section of your CS.

Q: I'd like to play a 'spy' for the bad guys. Is that OK? Q: I'd like to be an evil [species name]. Is that OK? A: Nope, not a chance. Although your cast member's character traits are yours to decide (happy, sad, dark and moody… whatever), these are the 'good guys.' Bottom line, if you what to play for the 'dark side,' you better find another team – you won't be too happy here.

Q: What about starting funds and equipment? A: As per the PHB.

Q: I don't have the [insert book title here], can I still play with you folks? A: You need a copy of the PHB, after that the answer is "Yes." Please have the rules for whatever options you decide to add to your character build.

Q: Can I miss a meeting(scene)? Q: Something came up and I missed the session. Can I still play next time (in the next act/chapter)? Q. I'm going to be out of town for several weeks and won't be able to post. Can I return and still play? A: Of course you can. But… just because you didn't drive across town to join us, doesn't mean you shouldn't afford us the common courtesy to let us know that you aren't going to be around. Just let me know in advance if you will not not be able to post. Everyone messes up and just 'spaces' our for a few days – even a week, your character may find life in our part of the universe very dangerous if you stay 'out' for too long.

Q: What do you think about character death? Q: My 15th level character just died, and I'm a bit upset. Is that 'fair?' A: I believe that the gaming experience is richer when [U]your character could experience death [/U] (in the gaming sense of course). I expect that cast members will die in advancement of the storyline, and this only adds to the overall richness of the experience.

Q: How do experience points (XPs) work? Q: Jimbo's character got more XPs then I did! How is that fair? A: I usually try and award experience points after each "Act" and some major sense. I keep track of XP totals (TOTALS), and will let you know where you are from time to time and when to 'power up.' For "showing up" for an entire act and supporting the storyline advance in some way, I would give +0.5 level XPs. For "showing up and showing out" for an entire act by aiding in the advancement of the storyline in a major way, I would give +1 level XPs. This is what you can expect for excellent role-playing. For "showing up and superior play" for an entire act by advancing the storyline of the campaign in a major way, I would give +1.5 level XPs. This will happen rarely when a character has taken actions or made discoveries that will effect the storyline positively for many sessions to come. I provide bonus XPs for helping with the game web site – this thread. For example, writing the synopsis for the last session is usually +0.2 level XPs or much more if done particularly well. If you have ideas for enhancing the game or would like to help in some way, please PM/message me with your idea. As for 'fairness,' I can't guarantee that this system is 100%. If you're in doubt just remember… if you want to make an impression, leave a good one!

Q: What software/hardware will I need to play on-line with your group? A: We will be playing via iTabletop.

Q: Are there any on-line gaming conventions I should know before the first game time? A: I will teach you these as we go our first time out. If you're not going to have video or voice when you join our meeting, its going to be REALLY hard to communicate. We'll work at the mechanicals of the game together during our first few sessions.

Q: What is a "lurker" and should I be offended if I am called one? A: A lurker is a quality gamer who for some reason isn't able to join as a full Cast Member but is interested in following the game.

Q: Do you allow 100% CM (Cast Member) freedom? Q: Can I kill that obnoxious cast member? A: See the "Foundational Principle" again. The short answer is, no. Players will not be allowed to kill other cast members. This does not mean that an action taken by a Cast Member will never kill another Cast Member… it just means that it won't be allowed to happen on purpose. If there is a problem Cast Member and normal role-playing won't take care of the issues, the team can sensor that CM, effectively removing him from play. The player owning the CM can then create a new character as if the CM had "died" (see character death above). By the way… this is taken care of "in character" which is the way all actions are taken once the game starts or the GM calls a 'pause' in the game.

Q: I've read the starters FAQ and I'm interested in playing a full cast member in your campaign. How do I get started? A: The good news is that you have done the hard part by reading this FAQ!! Now all you need to do is follow the directions for starting characters, which I will post next.

Ready to join the Adventure? When you are ready post your interest here by giving the following:

1. Your Name/character background (one paragraphs at most!)

2. Your character biuld (See the annoucement for examples)

As for ‘how’ to fill the slots, myself and current "cast members" will vote on the biuld/character concept they like the most. That character will be offered the spot. Accepted characters will be posted to the Current Roster of Players and I'll also PM you other info. like your story hook into the game!

Lighthouse FAQ

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