Foundational Principle

As I look back the best sessions I have been involved with both in person and on-line, and they all share the same thing in common. The following principles will be foundational to how we, the people, will conduct ourselves. If you have a problem with these you might want to find another session somewhere – but I really think you already picked most of these up. What is the Foundational Principle? 

HAVE FUN! But when people stay together for extended amounts of time, there are inevitably clashes of interests, personality or someone just having a bad day. Under those situations remember the following: 

Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person. 
If someone does something during a session you find personally offensive for whatever reason, be sure to address it. Address the behavior and be clear about your expectations. Don’t "counter-attack" or make it "personal." 

Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.
There are "bumps in the road" even with successful groups. Remember that groups are most successful when individuals feel good about themselves. 

Maintain constructive relationships.
Enough said. 

Take initiative to make things better. 
If you have a problem, issue or concern – bring it up. But also come with a solution. Take the extra step and effort to make the experience better for you and others! 

Lead by example 
The best way to change someone else’s behavior is model what you would like to see. 

I know this is explaining the obvious and may sound very "hokey" to others, but I think if we can agree on holding the Foundation Principle as our ground-rule for how we will relate to each other as the "people" behind the session, that will make our time together that much more enjoyable.

Foundational Principle

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