The Lighthouse, light to the worlds, hope to the hopeless, and a beacon of strength against destruction.

The Lighthouse is rumored to be constructed on a great nexus to the planes of creation itself. Its certainly a real light-house, protecting the port city of Waterdeep. A small band of unlikely heroes stand in the gap between one very great world, and forces that stand to overwhelm the very fabric of existence itself. 

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Longer Description: Beyond the circles of the world await peril, power, and adventure unimagined. Fomorians brood in the purple gloom of caverns illuminated by dancing auras of wizard’s fire. Titanic stone sphinxes half buried in white sand guard the gates of a forgotten deity’s ruined heaven. Hooded sorrowsworn assassins glide silently through the streets of a city perpetually veiled in shadows. Demon princes brood on thrones of skulls in the terrible depths of the Abyss, plotting the destruction of the mortal realms and the ruin of all. Welcome to the planes and the Lighthouse
Our heroes find themselves at the Lighthouse, which sits a thin Vail between the 'real world' and Sigil – the gateway city to endless planes of existence. Their charge, to stand in the gap between worlds  and stand for truth and life. 
The Lighthouse is played via "iTabletop" (online). GM has client seats available for his players, so there is no cost to play with this software (for this game). 
This Game's Company (Group) is listed as "The Lighthouse Crew."
You will need iTableTop Virtual Game Table player client provided by the GM (free to the players).
Please read the Lighthouse FAQ, and the Foundational Principle before applying for this game. 

Thanks for your interest in the Lighthouse! Savoy

The Lighthouse